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Welcome to J&P Media Group. Your Arizona Wedding Videographer. Take a look around our site and get a sense of the style we shoot in. We are constantly trying new techniques so we can bring you the best product for your money. We strive to make our Bride and Grooms as happy as the day they got engaged.

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Wedding Tip of the Day (Wedding Planners)

When hiring a Wedding Planner, get referrals from actual wedding vendors like your cinematographer, photographer or DJ. We know a lot of really good planners. We know these planners will help us in any way to make our job easier and in return YOU, get a better product in the end. We recently worked with a planner that only had her agenda in mind. She would do nothing to make help us. In fact since what we needed was not being addressed (House Lights Turned Up During Grand Entrance) we went to the bride. The bride said DO IT! The planner yelled at us for going around her and intentionally made sure those lights were NOT, turned up. Result video that isn’t as good as it could have been. Still good, but could have been a touch better. So do your home work please, it will make your big day better than you can imagine. If you would like referrals let us know, we are here to help.

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What to Consider When Hiring a Wedding Planner

Submitted by Jeanne Colquette of Events Your Way

Some brides love all the details and decisions that go into their wedding planning. Some just can’t handle it or don’t have time to deal with it. Peace of mind on your wedding day-That’s priceless! Consider hiring a wedding planner to help with the preparations so you can relax and enjoy your big day.

Every bride, whether you feel like you are organized or not, should hire a Wedding Day Only Planner for their one and only wedding day. This way, you can enjoy the process of wedding planning but leave last-minute tasks to someone else, which can alleviate a lot of stress. You need a professional to act as the contact person, instead of doing it yourself. You can do a lot of things yourself in the planning process, but DO NOT act as the contact person on the day of your wedding.

Some brides may want someone to take over all the details, from the rehearsal dinner to the flower preservation and everything in between. The right Full-Service Planner not only keeps things organized and on schedule, but also advises you on where to find the perfect venue and vendors, helps you save money along the way and allows you to enjoy the planning instead of stressing about it.

Every wedding planner is different. Before you select a planner, make sure you select the one that fits your personality. Here are some questions to ask them:

1. How does the planner communicate with the bride and groom? Do they prefer email, phone calls or face-to-face meetings? Most wedding planners can adjust either way, but make sure you don’t select the planner who only texts and isn’t so great about calling you back if that is what you prefer.

2. Will they help you with creative aspects of the wedding (like creating a unique theme), or will the planner just handle vendors, setup and scheduling? Will they be able to come up with out of the box ideas instead of providing a cookie cutter wedding? Don’t be shy about asking these questions, because this can help you decide which planner is best for you.

3. Please ask them how much experience they have. Do they work for themselves or with a larger company? How many planners will handle your event? Do they have help if they need it? Before depending on a total stranger to help plan the most important day of your life, make sure he or she has experience. Find out how long the planner has been in business and whether he or she works alone or with a larger company.

4. Ask them what type of vendors they recommend and why? Ask “Why do you like that DJ?” Avoid planners who try to discourage you from using specific vendors without a good reason. They may be trying to get you to hire vendors that offer kickbacks for new or repeated business.

5. Do they accept commissions/tips from the vendors that they recommend? Be careful of this. The wedding planner may steer you in the wrong direction for monetary reasons.

6. Do they have referrals or testimonials from previous clients? Some planners will have some of their bride’s cell phone numbers in their phone from previous weddings. Of course they have to ask the bride before they give out their phone number.

7. How often do they plan on getting in touch with you? Are they available to meet on your days off? Some brides may prefer weekly updates, while others want the planner to handle as much as possible without consulting them. You may want to email your planner every day if need be. Is that included in the wedding package? Will they charge extra because they went over the estimated hours worked?

8. What exactly is included in the wedding planning package? Your venue may come with a coordinator, but this person probably won’t be able to provide all the services you’d like. The venue coordinator may have two or more weddings on the same day. Plus the venue coordinator works for the venue, and does not have your best interest in mind if something were to go wrong. A wedding planner will cover the rest of the details that the venue coordinator may not do. Will the wedding planner that you meet with actually be the one working your wedding? Or will they have an assistant/co-worker work on your special day?

9. Ask how the planner charges for your wedding. Is it a flat fee, an hourly rate or calculated as a percentage of your total wedding costs? How much is the deposit? When is the final balance due? Request that the contract include a list of any potential extra fees that may come up and what those are. Finally, ask your wedding planner how they handle refunds if something were to happen.

10. After you meet with them, think about how they made you feel. Did you feel a connection? It is important that you do because you will be spending a lot of time together. Don’t hire the least expensive coordinator if you think she will get on your nerves. It is not worth it! Going with the cheapest vendor is not usually the best thing to do.

11. Are you hiring a wedding planner because you need help or because of the status a wedding planner may hold? Are you ready to give up some control in the planning process? If you are a control freak, you must hire a planner that is not a control freak themselves. There may be a battle along the way. Some planners will let you keep the control, but PLEASE let them handle the day of the wedding so you can finally relax!

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The First Look. (Quiet Please!)

The first look is becoming a popular trend now days. It is usually done by couples that really don’t believe in bad luck or are not traditionalists. The first look is nice because it lets the videographers and photographers get a lot of the pictures that are usually done after the ceremony, done ahead of time. If you have a large family and are having your ceremony at, or around sunset, doing a first look is a great idea. At sunset the light is going fast and using natural light for pictures and video is much better than on camera lighting and flashes.


The first look should be an uninterrupted MOMENT, between the Bride & Groom. About 50% of the time the photographers are trying to direct the couple. That’s fine after the first look is complete, but during, is a NO NO! It ruins it for the bride and groom and it ruins the footage and audio of the videographer. 10 years down the road when you sit down to watch your wedding video you don’t want to hear directions. You want to hear the moment you had with your partner. -Tim

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Oh you just have to love when Big Expensive wedding cinematography companies that put down the little guy. They must be threatened, I don’t know why. The majority of our population can’t afford to spend 4 to 8 thousand dollars on a wedding film. The majority of Brides and Grooms are on a tight budget and if they want a quality wedding film they come to us. We can provide a wonderful accounting of their special day, at an affordable price. And that reflects in all the great reviews and emails we get from our couples. As for “Ceremony Only” films, we have worked with many couples that are having a small quaint ceremony with no reception. A lot of these couples have parents and grandparents that are unable to make it to the ceremony for various reasons. That’s where we save the day again. These couples aren’t going to spend thousands of dollars on a 20 minute ceremony video. It’s ridiculous to even suggest that. So think about it when you are interviewing wedding cinematographers. Look for the style you like, look for quality and compare the look of the each film maker’s samples. Are they shaky, do they make you feel sea sick? You don’t want that. Then call and interview us. We are here to help make your wedding day as special as it can be.

When it comes to wedding cinematographers, you may like the quality you see, but don’t see what you imagine in your own wedding video? Give us a call, I’m sure we have thought about your vision, but have not had the right couple. You just may be that couple.

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Referral for a Friend

Let’s talk Officiants. The Officiant you pick to perform your ceremony can really make you, your friends and your family feel at ease on your wedding day. One of my favorite Officiants is reverend Giovanni of Reverend Giovanni Weddings. I have worked with reverend Gio 5 or 6 times in the past 6 years, and done a handful of bridal open houses with him as well. I like how he adds a sense of calm and a sense of humor to a wedding ceremony. He always has a good word to say and his advise is always full of wisdom. When he’s standing in front of a ceremony crowd he looks like he should be there, and when he speaks, people listen. So my recommendation for a non- denominational Officiant id reverend Giovanni. You can contact him at 623-910-6214 or go to his web site at: www. RevGiovanni.com

Thanks’ for listening. -Tim

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J&P Media Now Excepts Credit Cards Thru PayPal

J&P Media has had a long term policy of not accepting credit card payments. Trying to keep costs down for our customers is the main reason. But we have had many requests to accept credit cards for our customers peace of mind. We agree. With all the scams, wedding venues and bridal shops going out of business in the last few years we have decided to bite the bullet and accept your credit cards through PayPal. Here is the link to our very simple payment page.: http://www.jparizonaweddingvideos.com/payments/

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Cinematic Wedding Videos? Oh Yea!

Hi Everyone, I haven’t blogged in about a month or so. I thought I would get back to it. We here at J&P Media have been making some changes and upgrading our equipment as well as our editing style. In the past we had been shooting and editing in a more, Run & Gun photo-journalistic style. Well the times are a changin. We are switching over to DSLR’s, sliders and glidecams. And, we haven’t change our pricing. Our editing team is cutting the new video’s with emphases on timing. This makes for a more natural smooth flow to the video. Here is an example of what I am talking about. Let us know what you think.

Drop us a line and let us know when your wedding is. We would love to come shoot it for you. You can reach us at 480-352-6874 or Click HERE to be transported to our contact page.

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10 Things Couples Need to Know About the Wedding Industry

I think this article has it 100% spot on. -Tim Plummer J&P Media Group

10 Things Couples Need to Know About the Wedding Industry That the Media Will Never Tell You.
By Stephanie Padovani

This is a letter written to brides and grooms in response to repeated negatively biased news programs and “expose’s” about wedding industry scams and ripoffs.

1. We spend WAY more than 4 hours on your wedding.

Couples are often shocked at the price tag attached to their wedding services.  “But I’m only hiring you for four hours!” is a common reaction.

What you don’t know is that we spend many hours outside your wedding day timeline on planning, communication, rehearsals, meetings, travel and all the logistics necessary to make that “four hours” look easy.  This doesn’t even take into account the necessary time investment in training and education to keep our skills sharp.

Let’s take photographers as an example.  According to this recent survey, the average photographer spends 65 hours invested in each wedding; when all the hours invested in a wedding are factored in, a typical wedding photographer makes an hourly wage only $37 per hour before expenses!  DJs, florists, officiants, planners and other pros are in a similar situation.

Most wedding professionals are not living large on “wedding ripoffs,” a charge often lodged by the media.  While the average wedding in the US costs around $25,000, a recent survey of our wedding professional audience revealed that 48% of wedding businesses make less than $25,000 in an entire YEAR.

2.  If you hire an amateur for your wedding, expect an amateur result.

Wedding professionals are not a commodity item.  You’re hiring a unique personality, talent and experience set.  We charge more because we are worth it.

Those amateurs you can hire for a dime a dozen?  They’re worth the price you pay, too.

Sure, you might luck out and find the next undiscovered Preston Bailey for your wedding, but you’re much more likely to get sub-par performance along with that bargain price.

3.  You pay more for wedding services because you get more.

Much has been made of the so-called “wedding markup,” a phenomenon that occurs when secret shoppers get quoted a higher price for identical services when they are booked for a wedding as opposed to another type of event.  While this certainly can occur, journalists neglect to address the very real reasons WHY this happens.

Providing any service for a wedding is far more involved than a similar, non-wedding event.  Wedding pros make themselves available for planning meetings, calls and consultations, and may well send hundreds of emails back and forth with a single client in the year or more of planning up to the wedding.

This type of time and attention isn’t expected or required for most non-wedding events; the time investment alone is enough to justify a higher price.  The quality of wedding services often requires a greater degree of skill and specialization, not to mention the stress and risk involved should something go wrong.

4. We stay up at night worrying about your wedding, too.

We may participate in dozens or even hundreds of weddings per year, but yours really IS important to us.

Each and every wedding can make or break our reputation.  We worry about what can go wrong and we sweat the details because it’s our responsibility.  If we mess something up, we know that in the age of viral sharing on the internet, it may very well destroy our business.

5.  Listening to our advice will save you time, money and stress.

We love your ideas and your enthusiasm.  Please know that when we suggest changes to your dream wedding scenario it’s not because we want to take over your wedding; it’s because we have your best interests at heart.

We probably made a lot of mistakes when planning our own wedding, and it’s inspired us to ensure that pain NEVER happens to you.

We’re wedding experts.  If you take advantage of our knowledge and experience, we will save you time, help you avoid mistakes and make your wedding even better.  But only if you let us.

6.  If you only have $10,000 to spend on your wedding, we can’t make it look like you spent $100,000 no matter what we do.

Weddings can be expensive, and you certainly don’t have to spend a lot of money.  But if you’re going to trim your budget, please don’t expect it to be a carbon copy of the Royal wedding.

It’s not because we don’t want to do it for you…it’s just impossible.

7.  We love what we do, but that doesn’t mean we want to do it 24 hours a day.

Working in the wedding industry is HARD.  It’s stressful.  There are deadlines, timelines and lots of pressure to make sure everything goes perfectly.

You know that anxiety that’s giving you nightmares?  We get them, too, and sometimes we need to take a break.

Yes, your wedding is important, but we can’t be available for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week without losing our sanity.  Remember that the next time you’re tempted to call your planner at 2am or before freaking out when s/he doesn’t answer your text immediately.

8.  It takes WAY more time and money to imitate those DIY projects and wedding inspiration shoots than you think.

Wedding blogs and wedding reality TV misrepresent the details of what’s actually possible for a typical wedding with an average budget…one that doesn’t have a team of expert designers and planners working magic behind the scenes.

The media accuses the wedding industry of encouraging these unrealistic expectations so that you spend more more money.  The truth is that we hate it as much as you do!

It makes our job more difficult, and it puts us in the uncomfortable position of telling you, “No,” when it can’t be done on your budget.

9.  DIY projects are NOT a bargain.

Think you’re going to save money by having the wedding in your backyard?  When you add up the cost of the tent, rentals, food, booze and silverware, you end up spending MORE than you would hosting it in a traditional wedding hall.

The same thing goes for your favors, centerpieces and flowers.  It’s going to take you 10x longer and cost twice as much in reworks and mistakes than you think—especially if you’re a perfectionist.

Please don’t choose to DIY your wedding for the savings; make sure you actually like being crafty, and that you can adjust your expectations to accommodate less than perfection.

10.  Your wedding day will not be perfect, but we’ll be there to make sure it’s as close as possible.

I haven’t seen a single wedding where at least one thing didn’t go wrong.  Your bridal party will be late, the weather won’t cooperate, or the guests will forget to take home those favors you agonized over.  There are simply too many details and too tight of a timeline for everything to be completely perfect.

But when something goes wrong, we’ll be there to help you make it right.

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Wedding Etiquette from the Vendors Point of View

Today I would like to talk about Wedding Etiquette from the Vendors point of view. Of course the Customer (Bride and Groom) is the most important thing. It is their day and they pay us, the vendors, they pay to make their wedding day the most special day it can be. It is our job to make that happen for them.

I just shot a wedding this last Saturday night which was coordinated by a wedding coordinator that appeared to be very classy and very confident. But what I actually saw was someone that appeared to have started yesterday.

The first thing I noticed is that no one helped the vendors out in any way shape or form.  I work for a couple of wedding planners that are very good at what they do, and their weddings go off without a hitch, they take care of their customer and they take care of their vendors, every time. Now, taking care of the vendors is taking care of the customer. If you have unhappy, hungry or stressed out vendors, the customer suffers in the end.

The wedding planner I am talking about will not be mentioned by name in this article. I am not the type of guy that throws people under the bus. I don’t want repercussions in our industry. Maybe they were having a bad night .But what tipped me off in the first place was, there was no plan. We, and I mean the videographers and photographers where told that anything that was about to happen we would be notified so we could be in place to capture these important moments. What actually happened is we never heard a thing until the event was under way. So, I as the videographer was starting my camera 30 to 60 seconds after the speech had been started. This is unacceptable. This make me look like I don’t know what I am doing. And that really upsets me. We count on a plan in writing. If we know something is supposed to happen, we look for it, ask about it, and we are there when it happens.

Most vendors have a clause in their contracts about the client providing as meal at the time the rest of the wedding guests are getting their meals. When you work 6 to 12 hours straight you need to eat, and you need to eat as the bride and groom are eating. If you are forced to eat after everyone else there is a distinct possibility that an event will start, like a speech or toast, while you are out eating your meal. As you can imagine the event will be partially or fully missed. Again this is where we are made to look like fools.

The photographers and I all asked the wedding coordinator several times when we would be provided a meal. We knew we had a long night ahead of us. The coordinator kept shrugging us off. After a couple hours I took matters into my own hands and went into the kitchen and retrieved meals for all of us. But it was too late. As soon as I brought the food out an unannounced toast from the 98 year old grandmother of the bride started. We missed the first 40 seconds of her toast. Once again, no plan and no one told us this was going to happen.

On another note. While in the kitchen I found out that one of the kitchen staff had been hurt and had to go to the hospital, and another quit. So they were extremely short handed. The thing that really upset me about this discovery is that the wedding coordinator had 5 assistants and at least 3 of them were just standing around watching the guests. If I were the coordinator of this wedding I would have told these paid assistants to go and fill in for the missing kitchen staff. These people are being paid to make sure the wedding is a success, and to do it in a timely manor. There were only 212 guests at the reception and it took of 3 hours for all of them to receive their dinners and the dinners were cold by then. That is just unacceptable.

This is my last rant, sorry for this blog being so long. When it was time to cut the cake. No one was there to direct the bride and groom on where to cut the cake so that the videographer, photographer and guests could all get the best shots of the traditional cake cutting. So, once again I shut off my camera and positioned them for the best shots. Maybe I should have been the wedding coordinator. But I did get great footage since I set them up. But this was the wedding coordinators job.

The last thing I have to say is. If you don’t want this type of thing to happen to your expensive wedding, you really need to know a lot about your wedding coordinator. If it were my wedding I would choose someone like Jeanne Colquette of Events Your Way. This lady will work so hard for you, you will want to mention her in one of your toasts. And I have filmed several people doing just that.

Here’s the video:

Jeanne can be reached from her website at http://eventsyourway.net/

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As you know every wedding needs a photographer. But what many Brides and Grooms overlook is a Wedding Videographer. Wedding Videographers can give you an account of your whole wedding day. It’s a beautiful thing to go back and see what really happened on that wonderful day.

Just the other day I had a bride email me wanting to know how her wedding video was progressing. She was so excited, and wanted to see it. The one thing in our conversation she said that really stuck out in my mind was “I barely remember the day, it was such a whirlwind”.

Something else a Wedding Video can give you is the ability to someday sit down with your children, weather you already have them or not, and show them what mom and dad’s wedding day was like. And if you’re like me, I tell them, “See that’s what we looked like 15 years ago”. They are usually stunned. It’s great fun for all to watch.

There was a bride I spoke with a few months ago. I had shot her Wedding Video last October and she was so thankful she had us shoot her wedding video, and not for reasons you might think. She had informed me that just weeks after their wedding her husband’s best friend, and best man, had died in Iraq. I was sad and happy for them. I had shot the last known footage of him at their wedding, and they will cherish that video for the rest of their lives.

So take a look at what a Wedding Video can do for you. https://vimeo.com/44828411

If you would like a quote on your Wedding Video give us a call at 480-352-6874 or click here: Contact Us to fill out a contact form.

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