The First Look. (Quiet Please!)

The first look is becoming a popular trend now days. It is usually done by couples that really don’t believe in bad luck or are not traditionalists. The first look is nice because it lets the videographers and photographers get a lot of the pictures that are usually done after the ceremony, done ahead of time. If you have a large family and are having your ceremony at, or around sunset, doing a first look is a great idea. At sunset the light is going fast and using natural light for pictures and video is much better than on camera lighting and flashes.


The first look should be an uninterrupted MOMENT, between the Bride & Groom. About 50% of the time the photographers are trying to direct the couple. That’s fine after the first look is complete, but during, is a NO NO! It ruins it for the bride and groom and it ruins the footage and audio of the videographer. 10 years down the road when you sit down to watch your wedding video you don’t want to hear directions. You want to hear the moment you had with your partner. -Tim

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