Oh you just have to love when Big Expensive wedding cinematography companies that put down the little guy. They must be threatened, I don’t know why. The majority of our population can’t afford to spend 4 to 8 thousand dollars on a wedding film. The majority of Brides and Grooms are on a tight budget and if they want a quality wedding film they come to us. We can provide a wonderful accounting of their special day, at an affordable price. And that reflects in all the great reviews and emails we get from our couples. As for “Ceremony Only” films, we have worked with many couples that are having a small quaint ceremony with no reception. A lot of these couples have parents and grandparents that are unable to make it to the ceremony for various reasons. That’s where we save the day again. These couples aren’t going to spend thousands of dollars on a 20 minute ceremony video. It’s ridiculous to even suggest that. So think about it when you are interviewing wedding cinematographers. Look for the style you like, look for quality and compare the look of the each film maker’s samples. Are they shaky, do they make you feel sea sick? You don’t want that. Then call and interview us. We are here to help make your wedding day as special as it can be.

When it comes to wedding cinematographers, you may like the quality you see, but don’t see what you imagine in your own wedding video? Give us a call, I’m sure we have thought about your vision, but have not had the right couple. You just may be that couple.

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