As you know every wedding needs a photographer. But what many Brides and Grooms overlook is a Wedding Videographer. Wedding Videographers can give you an account of your whole wedding day. It’s a beautiful thing to go back and see what really happened on that wonderful day.

Just the other day I had a bride email me wanting to know how her wedding video was progressing. She was so excited, and wanted to see it. The one thing in our conversation she said that really stuck out in my mind was “I barely remember the day, it was such a whirlwind”.

Something else a Wedding Video can give you is the ability to someday sit down with your children, weather you already have them or not, and show them what mom and dad’s wedding day was like. And if you’re like me, I tell them, “See that’s what we looked like 15 years ago”. They are usually stunned. It’s great fun for all to watch.

There was a bride I spoke with a few months ago. I had shot her Wedding Video last October and she was so thankful she had us shoot her wedding video, and not for reasons you might think. She had informed me that just weeks after their wedding her husband’s best friend, and best man, had died in Iraq. I was sad and happy for them. I had shot the last known footage of him at their wedding, and they will cherish that video for the rest of their lives.

So take a look at what a Wedding Video can do for you. https://vimeo.com/44828411

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