Fall 2012 Weddings (Are You Ready?)


August in Arizona is not the time many are thinking about their upcoming wedding. It’s hot outside and no one wants to even imagine themselves in a tight lacy full length dress or a full black suit.

But this is the time to think about a wedding videographer. We dont book a lot of people in August and the procrastinators find it very frusterating in September, October and November when they call on us only to find out we have already been booked for their wedding day. So now is the time! Get on the phone or the email and drop us a line. We are ready to serv you and to help you, have the perfect wedding.

J&P Media Group is the best Phoenix Wedding Videographer you can find in a mid to low budget price range. We have packages ranging from $350 to $1995.00. Most of our wedding video packages are 2 camera and all in High Definition. Our best wedding video package is only $1050.00. You cant find that low price, at our level of quality anywhere in Arizona. We have 5 star reviews across the board and our customers rave about us everytime they receive and view their wedding video.

So give us a call or use our online Contact Form. We would love to meet you and discuss your Wedding Day Video. 480-352-6874

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