Who Needs a Wedding Planner? — YOU DO!

I like to use this blog to give some insight on real wedding situations that arise. J&P Media has been shooting wedding videos for 4 years now and we run into just about every situation/ nightmare that can arise in a wedding. I have seen officiants not show up, brides freak out, grooms almost pass out, people throwing up and so on. But last weekend took the cake, so to speak. Myself the videographer, and a photographer were called out to a cattle ranch in the middle of no-where to shoot a western style wedding. When we got there we realized we were the only people there. So we waited. About an hour later a stray horse wondered through and then a cat, and then another cat, and then a dog, and last but not least a couple of cows. Shortly after that a quad with a cowboy showed up and then a truck with the groom. No Bride yet. We asked the groom what the plan was. He had no idea. So we waited. Eventually the bride showed up. When we asked her what the plan was she hesitated. There was no plan. So we asked her what time the ceremony was and she said,, sometime between 4:30 and 6:30pm. We were dumbfounded!

If you know anything about weddings and the vendors hired to cover the event, you know they like to have a plan. With out a plan you have a mess. Needless to say the night was a nightmare. We had no idea what was next or were to be at what time. When there is no plan or coordination, the bride and groom can’t possibly get the best out of the people they have hired to cover their wedding. This is where a wedding planner or a “Day Of Coordinator” comes in handy.

I work with 2 great planner/coordinators. These ladies really know their stuff and if I had known what was going on or not going on at this wedding I would have suggested a Day Of Coordinator. These ladies can take all the stress out of a potentially stressful wedding day. They work hard to make your day perfect. So, if you need help on your wedding day call Jeanne at Events Your Way 480-570-2645 or Robbie at Desert Light Weddings 480-235-0325. They will make your special day truly special!

Remember your wedding day is special and you will need an experienced wedding videographer. You know who to call J&P Media Group, we have a package to fit any wedding video budget. All of our wedding videos are filmed in HD for the highest quality. Give us a call 480-352-6874 or contact us through our contact form here. CONTACT FORM

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